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Goodwood Timber & Hardware stock a large range of timber product, available loose by the piece, in pre-ordered job lots, or by the pack at very competitive prices. Wholesale pack lots and truck loads are available through our producer, Tarmac SA.

Here is a list of our popular products, but we stock many other items and can supply at short notice items we do not regularly hold. Just give us a call and we will advise price and availability.



Rounds, Splits, Shaven, Rural & Fencing posts

80, 100, 125, 150, & 200mm diameters, 1800 - 6000mm lengths


120x120 H4 Treated 900 - 3600mm

90x90 H4 Treated 900 - 3600mm

88x88 LOSP 900 - 6000mm

112x112 LOSP 900 - 6000mm


F7 Kiln Dried H3 Treated pine

Available in 300mm increments to 6000mm,

(call to check lengths currently in stock).

140x19, 42x35

70x35, 70x45

90x35, 90x45

120x35, 120x45

140x35, 140x45

190x35, 190x45

240x45, 290x45

Sawn sections available on request.


LOSP primed

Sections; 42x18, 42x42, 66x31, 66x42, 88x88, 90x18, 90x42, 112x112, 140x42, 185x30, 185x42, 210x30, 230x30, 230x42, 240x65, 280x42.

Balustrade; 62x18 Capping; 66x31 Handrail; 66x42, 88x42


Flooring & lining

140x19 pine T&G flooring & 140x12 T&G lining, superior finish a grade.


MGP Structural & SafeFrame

A full range of Mechanically Graded Pine MGP10, MGP12 available in "SafeFrame" (Blue frame Bifenthrin treatment)



70x35 rebated (23x15mm groove)



70x22 & 90x22 in ACQ treated pine.

64x19, 67x15, 90x19, 108x19, 130x19&20mm in various hardwood species.

(see the decking page for more info)



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