Builders Hardware

At Goodwood Timber and Hardware, we supply a large range of all popular Builders Hardware brands and components you know and need.

What you need, when you need it, all at the one place!

Here is a list of popular Hardware in stock and ready to get your job started and keep it going:

  • Post supports, joist hangers, angle brackets, nail plates and fascia brackets.
  • Galvanised bolts, coach screws, dynabolts and connector nails.
  • Batten screws, stainless steel decking screws, hex head and phillips head external use screws.
  • Bordo drill bits, spade bits, circular saw blades, reciprocating saw blades and deck bits.
  • Tap measures, spirit levels, hand saws, utility knives and blades, Piranha snips
  • Gate hinges, latches and drop bolts.
  • Ampelite Polycarbonate roofing and screws, gutters, roof ventilators, tapes, sealants and flashings.
  • Balustrade hardware: stainless steel wire, turnbuckles, saddles, ferrules and thimbles.
  • Cement Australia 20kg pre-mix concrete and rapid set.
  • Selleys adhesives and sealants.
  • James Hardie cement sheeting (2400×1200, 3000×1200)
  • James Hardie Eaves lining (2400×450)
  • Blue Board (2400×1200, 3000×1200)
  • OSB Brace Board (2400×900, 2700×900, 3000×900, 2400×1200, 2700×1200, 3000×1200)


Builders Hardware