Decking & Screening

At Goodwood Timber and Hardware, we supply a comprehensive range of softwood, hardwood and composite decking. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Goodwood Timber and Hardware has built a reputation for design and contractor installation of the highest quality.

No matter how big or small, you can trust Goodwood Timber and Hardware for honest advice, giving you a professional outcome.

Ask for a quote from your cutting list, or bring in your measurements!

Here is a list of our popular decking timbers!

H3 Treated Pine
90x22mm / 70x22mm
Lengths available:
1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.8 / 5.4m

Hardwood Decking
Species and sizes available include:
Spotted Gum 86×19 / 130×19
Black Butt 86×19 / 130×19
Forest Reds 86×19 / 130×19
Silvertop Ash 90×22 / 135×22
Grandis (Flooded Gum) 125×22
** Hardwood decking supply and popularity is constantly changing. Call us to see what is currently available.

ModWood Composite Decking
ModWood composite decking is Australian made and owned and comes in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, giving you the ability to create residential or commercial projects that combine function and style.
ModWood is versatile, easy to install, and looks great in any setting. Whether you are using it for decking, or a large entertaining platform, it will add definite sophistication which is long-wearing, safe and eco-friendly.

Ranges and colours available:
Natural Grain: 88×23 / 137×23
Black Bean, Jarrah, Sahara, Silver Gum
5.4m lengths

Extreme Guard (XTG): 137×23
Charwood, Firebrick, Golden Sand, Koko Brown, Magnetic Grey
5.4m lengths

Marina: 137×23
ModWood® Marina is a bigger, stronger board and has been designed for marinas, boardwalks, outdoor furniture and heavy-duty decking areas. The 137x32mm board is particularly suited for ecological sensitive areas, as there are no nasty chemicals that could leach out. It is highly resistant to the ravages of salt air and the harsh Australian elements and stands up to heavy foot traffic. Manufactured to a R11 anti-slip rating, AS 4586:2013
Black Bean, Jarrah, Sahara, Silver Gum
4.2m lengths

Flameshield: 137×32
Flame Shield® is a specially formulated ModWood board with a fire-retardant additive included. Flame Shield® can be used in BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29 and BAL-40 areas and gives you a traditional timber decking look and feel.
Black Bean, Jarrah, Sahara, Silver Gum
5.4m lengths

ModWood Composite Screening
Screening: 68×17
ModWood Mini board is extremely versatile, and can serve as either a subtle addition or a statement piece in any residential or commercial outdoor area. ModWood’s composite screening withstands the toughest weather conditions and is termite resistant.
Black Bean, Jarrah, Sahara, Silver Gum
4.8m lengths

Full range of ModWood fixing systems also available, including KlevaKlips and screws.

Check out the ModWood website for further information, installation guides and technical specification sheets.

goodwood timber 2

Evalast Composite Decking
Infinity I-Series: 135×25
All the benefits of durable Infinity polymer composite with the advantages of I-Series, to give you durable co-extruded composite decking. Its resilient protective cap made of advanced polymer resists scratches, fading, mould, and mildew. Infinity I-Series is exceptionally low-maintenance.
With Infinity I-Series you can enjoy the look of timber, with its specialised streaked colour variation technology, and the environmental benefits of composite. The revolutionary I-beam design creates a cost-effective, lightweight board that uses less material, and maintains span capabilities, strength, and stiffness for efficient installation.

Colour range available:
Caribbean Coral, Concrete Grey, Kona Sunset, Oasis Palm, Swiss Oak, Tiger Cove.

Full range of Evalast Hulk fasteners also available, including clips and screws.

Check out the Evalast website for further information, installation guides and technical specification sheets.


How much decking do I need?
To calculate the lineal metres of decking required for your project, follow these simple steps.

1) Select the decking material and the size you would like to use.
2) Calculate the size of the deck you are building in square metres. TIP: Don’t forget about steps, edging and side fill.
3) Add 10-15% to allow for wastage
4) Divide square meterage by deck board width (including extra 5mm for expansion allowance).

Deck size: 3.5m x 6.0m
Decking material: Treated Pine decking 90x22mm
Deck design: No steps. No infill as the deck is just above ground level.

Square meterage: 3.5 x 6.0 = 21
PLUS 10% allowance for wastage = 23.1m2

Square meterage / deck board +5mm: 23.1 / 0.095 = 243 lineal metres.