Building Timbers

Goodwood Timber and Hardware has been supplying South Australia since 1978 and is Adelaide’s Number One Choice in Timber and Builders Hardware Supplies.

Our highly trained and experienced staff understand all aspects of timber. We supply timber to Adelaide’s biggest builders, trades and retail customers. We offer a large range of timber products and hardware, for timber pergolas, outdoor decking, flooring, cladding and structural applications.

Come in and see us, we supply loose, pre-ordered job lots, and packs at very competitive prices.

Here is a list of our popular timber products. We also stock many other items to compete any project and are able to supply at short notice.

What you need, when you need it, all at the one place!

H3 Treated Pine

42×19, 70×19, 90×19, 140×19
42×35, 70×35, 90×35, 120×35, 140×35, 190×35
70×45, 90×45, 120×45, 140×45, 190×45, 240×45, 290×45

Lattice Capping 25mm and 9mm Groove

Lengths available – 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.8 / 5.4 / 6.0mtrs

We can also offer treatment upgrades to H4 and H5 on request. Sawn timber sections are also available on request.

H4 Treated Dressed all Round Square Pine Posts

90×90 x 1.8 / 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.8 / 6.0mtrs

120×120 x 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6mtrs

Extreme H4 GL8 Posts

88×88, 112×112, 135×135 x 2.4, 3.0, 3.6 mtrs

LOSP Pre-Primed Treated Pine

LOSP pre-primed timber is manufactured from radiata pine, finger jointed and primed to produce a clear defect free straight board.

LOSP pre-primed timber comes in a wide range of profiles, which can be used in above ground applications. Some examples include, Pergolas, Carport, Verandas, Handrails, Weather Boards, Fascia, and Privacy Screens.

Here is a list of our popular timber sizes and lengths!

42×18, 62×18, 90×18, 66×31, 185×30, 210×30, 42×42, 66×42, 90×42, 140×42, 185×42, 230×30, 230×42, 280×42, 240×65
Square Posts – 88×88, 112×112, 135×135
Capping – 66×31
Handrail – 66×42, 88×42
Lengths available 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.8 / 5.4 / 6.0 / 7.2mtrs

Building Timbers

MGP Structural & H2-F Treated Pine

At Goodwood Timber and Hardware we carry a range of MGP graded timbers which are mechanically graded in accordance with Australian Standards.

Here is a list of our popular timber sizes and lengths!

70×35, 70×45, 90×35, 90×45

Other sizes and structural grades available in MGP10, MGP12

Ask about our H2-F BLUE Termite Treated Pine.

Pine Flooring and Lining

At Goodwood Timber we carry a complete range of traditional pine flooring and linings.

PAT103 140×19 T&G Pine Flooring
PAT321 140×12 T&G Pine Lining

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)

At Goodwood Timber and Hardware we supply a large range of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beams and Smart Joist members that are engineered for strength.

Heritage Turned Veranda / Carport Posts

At Goodwood Timber and Hardware we supply a large range of popular heritage, fence post capitals, veranda posts, roof finials, fretwork, frieze panels and spindles.

Protection for end cuts and notches.

When cutting to length, rebating, notching, drilling or other work during installation which exposes fresh timber surfaces we highly recommend sealing this modification to the final form.

Please feel free to contact one of our experienced staff for further information.

Additional Information PDF’s:

Timber – Working With Wood

Tan-E Treated EcoWood 1

Boral Timber Species Guide 2020

SmartJoist Design Guide 2019 E2